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neurotic Iraqi wife

February 13, 2005

Trophy of Heroism

Just read this interesting article and wanted to share it with you all. Its in the OpinionJournal Brilliantly written. All the 8,550,571 Iraqis, you sure do deserve a Trophy, a Trophy of Love, a Trophy of Respect and most of all a Trophy of Heroism.....
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February 11, 2005

The Beginning of the Beginning......

So much is happening at the moment even though the elections are over, we are busy with closing down the mission. The International staff who came over and helped us with setting up the elections are now searching for their next mission. There's a sad aura hanging around, its like we dont want the mission to finish. For the first time in a long long time all of us, us being the national staff, felt proud in "being there" during the historical events that took place.

I cant say its the beginning of the end, infact Im gonna say its the beginning of the beginning. The numbers that came out to vote in Iraq was a clear message to all those who doubted the Iraqi people and their strength. It was a clear message to all those terrorists who thought that by distributing threatning flyers and killing innocent people it will frighten the resilient Iraqis. The 30th of January proved to the whole world that Iraqis wanna be part of this new chapter, of this new beginning.

HUBBY voted as well, and apparantely it took place in the convention center situated in the Green Zone. He called and I could feel the excitement in his voice that day. Its just an amazing feeling. Although he voted for a different party,GRRRRRRRR, I still love my honeybun,lol....The results will be announced soon, but its pretty obvious who is on top of the list.The Unified Iraqi Alliance is one that I voted for. Many people critisized me for voting for them cuz they believe that many of its members have allegiance(not sure of the spelling) to Iran. Maybe a minority out of the whole party are so but there are some personas who I believe will be of great advantage to have in the National Assembly. At the end of the day, the people voted and we will soon have what the people asked for....

Im in a hurry at the moment cuz am going on a day trip , hence Im writing very hastely, I do apologize. I wanted to publish an email I got a couple of days ago which really saddened me. But to the person who wrote it, I say to you, I never doubted the good that my HUBBY is doing in Iraq. Yes at times Im selfish for wanting him to be with Me. Yes Im selfish for wanting to start a family. Yes am selfish for asking him to leave what he's doing so we can start our life as a married couple. But never did my mind roam around to find a substitue for him. God, I will never do such a thing. Yes I did at my low self esteem times give him ultimatums, but thats only so he can start planning for "OUR" future and not only the future of "OTHER" people.

Im proud, real proud that he was given this opportunity to be part of the New Iraq, though it came so fast and just 3 days after we got married, I still hold my head up and say HUBBY is there, he is there in Iraq, trying to make a difference. Something most of us wanna do as well. I rave and rant about him not being here cuz its my right, my right as a woman, my right as a wife. But these ramblings are a mere result of days of loneliness and longing. Can you blame me if I miss my HUBBY immensely???I doubt it....

I have started already in applying for jobs in Iraq, and I cant wait for the opportunity to arise. Im looking at NGO's and other organisations, and hopefully Ill get some response soon. I really really wanna go there and be of use. I wanna see my country, my Iraq, I wanna be able to help and be part of the new era that we are going through. People think Im nuts for wanting to go there now, but NO,its a risk well worth it, and I believe that destiny is already drawn for us.

HUBBY and I are going to naughty Amsterdam and Stockholm in a few weeks for his R&R, I dunno if Im looking forward to it cuz I hate cold weather, but hey Ill be with HUBBY for a few days, something I damn am looking forward to. If anyone out there knows of any nice places to visit in these cities please do tell so I can surprise HUBBY about the "vast" knowledge I would have...hehe.

Well gotto go now, thanx everyone for your comments/emails and well wishes, sorry havent responded to any but I promise I will do pretty soon......And remember this is just The Beginning of the Beginning.....
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