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neurotic Iraqi wife

March 26, 2009

The Best All Around Soldier...

Wow, its been ages hasn’t it!!! I do apologize to all my loyal readers, never thought I’d find so many comments, cant even catch up. Did not think I would be missed, its nice to know, thank you! Don’t worry I havent died yet, lol.

Well I did get my eye back, and managed to squirm away from an operation that the Dr wanted to carry out on me. There was no way in hell I would allow a scalpel near my eye. I know Im crazy, but umm not THAT crazy. So here I am disobeying doctor’s orders and wearing my lenses again. I think the infection or whatever I had subsided and I no longer have the valkyrie eye, yaaaaaaaaaaay.

So what happened in the last 2 months. Lets see, nothing too interesting. People mentioned the octo mum, and actually I was enthralled with that story. Not sure how I feel about it but I was shocked to see how she was attacked by the public. Cmon, if someone wants a big family then let it be. Whats the big deal? I have read so much about IVF, and the chances of all embryos implanted turning into babies is really slim, she took the chance, and she was lucky enough to have what she wanted. So don’t give her slack.

I don’t remember anyone giving our forefathers slack when they had 10 or 11 kids. Almost all the old families in Iraq had over 10 or 11 children, never once did I hear my mom tell me that authorities got involved with them, or people were angered, so why this? Is it because much of the money will come from tax payers money? Hell, its better to pay for new lives, than paying for all the darn wars and the millions of children that got killed in them, don’t you agree? That’s just my 2 pence on this.

As for my own personal life, going to Doctors has become the norm. Having blood tests done and check ups became part of my daily life, isn’t it fun? Ofcourse everytime I go in to have my blood drawn, I have my cliché words ready “Hi, Im scared from needles, can you please be gentle and use the butterfly needle” One guy, just didn’t seem to understand these words, he simply threw the needle like a dart right in my vein. OH MY GOD. I was soooooooo going to kill him. I still remember his name, marlow. Thank god HUBBY was with me, or else I would have stuck that needle in his eye! I felt my eyes welling up, the a******. Ughhhh

Apart from my medical issues which aren’t really life threatening, Im doing fine. Needed to take a break from many things including blogging. I felt I was sounding like an old broken record with all my ailments taking place, infact I sounded like an old hag and Im only 34!!! As for Iraqi news, I stopped watching it and reading about it. Ever since I saw the result of the elections which were so predictable, I gave up. I dislike the govt, and will never change my mind. But a new phenomena is taking place due to the improved security.

Many Iraqis from all over the world, who havent been to Iraq yet, have started this strange exodus back. I don’t mean moving back there, but just going and visiting. A few relatives of mine have gone back and thought Baghdad was just amazing. They loved every minute of their 2 week stay. A woman who lived in California for almost all her life visited Najaf and called it the Paris of the Middle east. Umm, not sure how can Najaf one of the holiest cities in the world be compared to Paris, but those were her own words. How can women in abbayas be compared to women in mini joup? Maybe too much excitement just disillusioned her.

Many of those who are going back have been suffering from the horrid economical crisis and are there to sell off whatever they have there. You can still get millions of dollars for land and properties, so it’s a good savior if you are in desperate need. My own father refuses to sell anything. He says he wants to keep his ties in his country. Umm, what ties dad? We barely have anyone left there. But I guess for my dad it’s a different story. His land was inherited from his own father, and I think by selling he feels he is betraying that trust.

The economic crisis has finally hit AD. Ofcourse no media is allowed to mention it, and the govt keeps calming people down by telling them everything is ok. Everything is NOT ok. In Dubai they already have let go of so many expats, and from what my friend tells me, the streets aren’t as busy as they used to be. The malls are empty and real estate prices have gone so low, people who have cash to play with are taking the opportunity, while those who were caught up with the buying fever last year, are stuck with no means of repaying back and have no choice but to sell real low or just wait it out. Others have left long ago, leaving behind their newly purchased cars that they cant payback at the airport parking. Its so so sad.

As for AD, its catching up. Many are being let go and are waiting for the schools to end so they can leave. Property prices are still high in AD, and everyone is waiting for the summer, rumour has it rents will also go down drastically so everyone is waiting for that moment. I thank god that I still have my job. My boss did me an amazing favour, and I am ever so grateful.

I did get an email from one of my bosses in Baghdad asking me to go over there for a few weeks, but I refused. Maybe if this was back in Dec or Jan I would have gone, but now things have changed, and with all my medical mishaps Id rather be in a place where they can tend to me, there is no way Im taking that chance. What a pity though, would have loved to go back and see my friends and coworkers for I still do miss a few of them. But major changes are also taking place over there.

The buildings we are in which are based in the GZ are now going back to the Iraqi Govt. Everyone needs to be evacuated and gone to some base by the next coming months. I got an email saying that many will be forced to stay in trailers shared with 2 others, plus there isn’t going to be the luxury of having ones bathroom, instead its going to be a communal one. YUCK. Thank god I left when I did. First off, there is no way Id share a room with anyone, secondly, there is no way in hell Id use a bathroom that’s been used by 30 or 50 others. NO WAY! Yeah call me spoilt, but that’s just me.

On a final note, do you guys remember the “vibrator” girl I once wrote about? (Sorry have to find the link of that post) Well, she has been in the States for over a year now after getting her special immigration visa. I got an email from a frined of mine that said : Hey guys...remember L??? She has joined the Army and will be going back to Iraq as an interpreter. I heard she graduated from Advanced Individual Training at Ft. Jackson, SC and was awarded as "The Best All Around Soldier."

Wow, isn’t that great news? She used to be one of those lost souls who just couldn’t feel free in her own country. Was harassed by her countrymen and threatened by the militia. Her family boycotted her because she was working in the GZ, yet harassed her with phonecalls to pay them money. Ughhh. Im so happy for her. Here’s to L, L, The Best All Around Soldier!
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