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neurotic Iraqi wife

August 30, 2008

Obama the "Bahama"???

I havent been in the mood to blog lately. Im finding it extremely difficult to write about many things, when I know people who know me personally read my words. Ughhhh!!! I wish I never told anyone about it. Oh well Too late. I even missed my four year blogging anniversary!:(

I have started the tiresome cleaning process of both my electronic files and my room. Although I still have plenty of time, but Id rather get it out of the way. Have already given away one huge trash bag filled with clothes and toiletries. Some of the clothes still have their tags on. But Im trying to get rid of many things because first as a so called “TCN” Im not allowed to mail anything, and second, doubt they mail to the Emirates!

Tomorrow is a holiday for us (Labour Day is celebrated a day before) and I just cant wait to be a hermit for over 24 hours, woohoo. Im going to continue the clean up process. The shoes seem to be the most difficult to depart with, so Im keeping that to the last minute.

Skimming through old emails from two years ago is also turning out to be a nightmare. It would take me 5 minutes on each email to decide whether Im keeping it or deleting it. There are some of mine to govt personnel with my smart ass rude replies, lol. I still wonder how the hell did I last this long!?!

I have also been actively searching for a new flat to rent in AD. The prices have skyrocketed to an absurdly ridiculous numbers. For a 2 bedroom flat in a good area, 2 years ago would cost about 65k/yr AED. Now that same flat costs around 120k to 140k AED. It just is driving me nuts. Everyone is saying I should stay in the one I have already. I don’t mind that at all, except HUBBY feels “claustrophobic”. Im paraphrasing, He isn’t used to sitting in a place with no garden or balconies. WTH!!! He has been in a darn trailer or a hole in the wall room for over 4 years! I cant understand his logic because simply there isn’t any.

Maybe its just an excuse for him to take us to Florida. I don’t know. But that idea is not appealing to me at the moment, especially when I really want to be close to my family and NOT be a neighbour to 60 or 70 year old people who I have nothing in common with!!! It sure will be an interesting chapter of our life. And I am looking forward to it. Lets see how it goes.

Im also trying to secure a job before I actually leave this place. My boss has been great with forwarding my CV and talking to people he knows. I was taken aback by his enthusiasm. A few others have also suggested I give them my CV. Which is great. I don’t think I can handle being unemployed for a long time. Im very challenge oriented, and so taking on something new will be amazing. If I do get it, that is.

On a last note, whats up with this cat and mouse game of troop withdrawal? You either agree or don’t. Everyday I read a different headline that negates what was public the day before. Seriously now, why cant both countries just sign the darn papers already. Besides, since the US keeps saying that Iraq is a sovereign country with its independent laws, why cant the US just say yes to the Iraqi Govt’s request?!? Although Im extremely pessimistic to the aftermath BUT if the Iraqis feel that they would be ready by that date, then so be it. Bloody hell. Just sign the deal!!! Geez. If its 2011 then you still have 3 years to do what you want to do. THREE YEARS! Or maybe 3 years isn’t enough?

Im not gonna waste my breath on political shite anymore. I think its borrrrrrrring. Oh forgot to say that I actually was able to watch the Obama speech. Pretty impressive I must admit. He is growing on me very slowly. Im interested to find out how is his popularity in the States? Is he popular? Is he the favourate? What are people from other countries think?

I asked a few Iraqis, many did not seem to have interest in the US politics “We have enough of the Iraqi one let alone the US” in their own words. But of the minority who did say they are curious, said they like Obama more. It was funny, cause one of the guys said in a very enthusiastic manner and I quote “No Macyeen, yes Bahama” Bahama? I thought to myself, is that a new candidate that I haven’t heard about, hmmm? It took me a few seconds to register he actually meant Obama, lol. Oh well…

The question still remains, is the US ready and willing to accept an African American as president? Will it go down in US history? In a few months we will find out. Is it gonna be Obama? Obama the “Bahama”???
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August 16, 2008

The Scrumptious Iraqi Date Scent...

I still am enjoying the last few days of my vacation before heading back to Iraq. Usually the days before I board that plane is reserved for last minute shopping, but this time, this time there is no such thing. For the first time in my life I will be traveling with a virtually empty suitcase. Nothing like the 30kg and above that Im used to. Oh no. This time my bag will have nothing but the basic necessities. I need the space, every space I can muster for the clutter, ok ok ok it’s the SHOES that I have collected over my years in Baghdad.

Am I excited? I dunno. I guess I will be able to answer that question on my last day there. But I am excited that I will have a chance to see the real Baghdad one last time. Yes I know, I did promise my family that I will never do it again, but hey, who knows when will the next time be. A few days ago while HUBBY and I were having dinner he all of a sudden said with some urgency in his voice “Neurotica, look at me” Wow I thought to myself, HUBBY has become ever the romantic, hmmm must be the effect of that torturous hour of Noor that I put him through every night, hehe. “Please don’t do it ok?” I shook my head in total confusion.

Is he telling me not to take that deliciously tempting juicy piece of tikka? Yeah I have been pigging out lately, he is right. “Don’t do it ok?” He repeated. I had no clue what he was on about. “I know you want to. I know that you feel you have to do it, but please if not for me then for your family, think of them”. Hmm I didn’t think that the Tikka has become a hot family topic.

“What are you talking about HUBBY?” His frown became more apparent. “I know you want to go out in the red zone. Please don’t. You promised your brother remember”. All of a sudden that tikka didn’t look so tempting afterall. How the hell did HE know??? Hmm, HUBBY can read my thoughts, WTH. I just shrugged my shoulders. Yes I did promise but I need to do it. I have to. I cant just leave without saying my farewell to my country. I just cant do that. Problem is, M, the only guy I trusted, the person who took me out last time has gone to the States.

There are a few people who keep asking me to come out with them, but I don’t know them well enough, besides I cant put THEIR life in jeopardy. I guess I will have to play it by ear. Besides everyone tells me the situation is much better now, so I don’t think it should be a concern to anyone. HUBBY called me selfish for wanting to do it. Am I selfish for wanting to go out one last time? I don’t think so.

I want to smell the real air for one last time. I want to take a last look through the windows of my heart at my childhood house. I want to devour every corner, every date tree, every broken pavement. I want to watch the people my people go on with their daily lives for one last time. No, I don’t call that selfish. I call it yearning. My Yearning that was barely satisfied through the 3 years I was there.

Time is running out, and as I keep passing by my empty suitcase that’s lying in that small corner, I smile. A smile filled with both sadness and happiness. For this bag has accompanied me ever since my journey started. From DC in 2005 where I had my Badge issued to Kuwait to Baghdad. It accompanied me on all my travels around the world. It was the perfect safe for the souvenirs I used to bring back for my coworkers. It was the perfect storage for all my SHOEEEEEES. Yeah this bag has seen so much and I think the time has come to give it a break.

Atleast for now delicious aroma traces of the famous Haji BekirTurkish Delight and the yummy Green Apple Tea I brought back with me can still be smelt in the air. Soon these will be substituted. Substituted by a unique Scent. The Scrumptious Iraqi Date Scent…
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August 13, 2008

Grilled Prawns Ala Turkish Spit...

It felt as if I was on one of those Sex and the City sets except we are three friends not four, and we are all married not single all sitting in this cozy coffee shop in an upscale area in Dubai sipping yummy lattes and gossiping about all the people we know. Both of my friends are pregnant, one with her second child the other with her third and both are my childhood friends. I just loved sitting there listening to their stories about motherhood and life in general. I didn’t feel odd or bored what so ever, on the contrary for the 3 hours we were there I was taken to a point so far away from Baghdad and my own reality.

As HUBBY picked me up to go back to AD I was extremely disappointed that the time flew by so fast. He asked whether I had fun. “Oh my god HUBBY, I havent had so much easy fun in a long long time. It was great to see them after all these years”. And it definitely was good to see them. I cant even remember when was the last time we actually met up. Ever since they moved to Dubai and I went to Baghdad it became abit difficult to have our lattes together.

In a few weeks time I too will end up like them, no, not pregnant, but a simple house wife. Yup, I have spoken to my Boss and we both decided on a date that’s suitable for both the company and myself. They need me to train someone and so I need some time to do that not that my job is complicated, in fact its very simple but needs a lot of attention to details and consistency. When my friends asked how I felt about the decision, I simply said ask me when Im back here. Yes it is definitely going to be difficult to adjust to a normal life and leave behind the people I got so accustomed to, but at the same time I think its time to move on. To move on and start afresh and this time unlike the last one, I am in fact ready.

So yeah I will be back here spending some quality time with family. I am abit apprehensive for not finding a job before I leave, but I guess I will start looking once Im ready. When I informed the whole family about my decision everyone was just in shock. It took them a few seconds to register what I was actually saying and then the whole room broke into sounds of clapping and people Yaaaaaaaaying. Lol. Hmmm, I didn’t know I was missed THAT much.

We came back from Turkey a week ago, and it was great fun. Istanbul was just breathtaking. Would definitely go there again, as for Bodrum, well that’s a long story which I will keep for another post. All I can say, we were taken for a ride, a big one too! At the same time my perception of Turkish people has changed. I used to think they hated Arabs, but everyone we saw and talked to were extremely friendly and more so when they found out we were Iraqis.

There is this famous Café in Bodrum called the Bodrum Café, we sat there for dinner as we were meeting my brother in law and nephew there. One of the waiters asked “where you from? Spain?” We laughed and said no, Iraq. “Ooooooooooh, Iraq, Iraq good but very much war, America bad. America evil”. Hubby and I looked at each other and so I said to the waiter, “Hmm but if we said we were Americans, you would say “Goooooood America, nice America”” The Waiter laughed sarcastically and walked off. “Umm HUBBY, I think I probably should have kept my mouth shut cause I think Im gonna end up with Grilled Prawns ala Turkish spit” Lol…

The Prawns did eventually arrive, so did HUBBY’s paella which he barely ended up eating because the darn thing was filled with so much chilli. HUBBY loves chilli, but umm not to THAT extent. I think the waiter told the chef “Zey are Iraqis, bad Iraqis make zer food spicyyyyyyyy, very spicyyyyyy” hehe. I did have my Grilled Prawns though. Grilled Prawns ala Turkish Spit…

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