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neurotic Iraqi wife

October 21, 2005

The Baghdad Breeze....

I aint sure if this blog will get published or not since I have written quite a few in the past few weeks and whenever I hit that Publish button everything goes down the drains, and that just peeved me off. Anyways, Constitution Day was on Saturday and I VOTED, YAAAAAAAAAY. (guess which hand is mine???actually its the one wearing a beige sweater,lol since Im freezing all the time).I didnt think I would be allowed to vote since I havent registered but hey I aint complaining. We went as a group from work, at first we thought we could cast our votes in the convention center in the GZ, but as we got in line, a guy came up to us and asked whether we were members of the National Assembly. We shook our heads, and said no, so apparantely the place was just for VIP's but after 3pm regular people could go in. We decided that it was far much of a hassle to wait and decided to go and vote in one of the schools that was a voting center.

The funny part of this whole experience was when i got the Ballot paper. The lady who tore it off the book said "please put a tick right here" and she was pointing at the YES box. She repeated it again and I thought to myself she shouldnt tell me where to put the tick. I commented about that to one of my colleagues and she said that the lady did the same thing with her. I guess it was over excitement and she didnt mean it in that way. But naturally I voted Yes. And for the second time in my life I felt that my voice counts in my own country. Guess who didnt even bother to cast their vote??? the WOB.

She goes on telling people that she is so politicallt involved, cuz her brother was an ex minister, yet she didnt even bother to make her voice count. Even though I know her point of view about the constitution, she refuses it big time atleast she shoulda voted, since she is so sincere about her country NOT. Just a woman full of air and I cant believe that there are stupid people who believe every word she says. Not only that but she is the biggest rasict. All she talks bout is how the Chalabi and Jaafari brought sold this country to the Iranians and how her brother paved the way for the last elections. In her own infamous words "I told my brother you are the reason behind Jaafari and chalabi's success cuz you paved the way for a safe election day" Jeez I can slap this woman to no end. Im sorry if this is boring but she gets under my skin with her BS and racist remarks to the point where I stopped being nice and started getting pissed off at her face.

At work they are trying to minimise the staff numbers, and apparantely they put her to the end of January. One idiot guy told her about it, she got pissed off and went to HUBBY and blamed him for it. So you know what she did, she went and complained to the big boss who she befriended so she can get her own way. At first I ahd great respect for this Boss, but after knowing how she believes everything WOB tells her, I changed my mind. You should never ever mix friendships with work. Iraq will never be good if people like WOB wants to build it cuz it will be built on corruption and lies!!! I aint sure who she is conspiring against now, its a game and I cant wait to find out. WHATEVER...

Come Wednesday and its Saddam's trial. The GZ was on high alert and we had a couple of mortars showering on us, but I guess we got used to it by now. I took 2 hours off to watch it in my room. I mean this guy is still at it. I loved the judge though, he was too polite and gave too much way for Saddam and his clans. As you all know by now, one of the defense lawyers got kidnapped yesterday and was killed today. I wander how this trial will end. In my opinion I dont want any of those criminals to be executed cuz thats way too easy. I want them to live and see how Iraq will flourish and how things will be much different from when they were in power. Execution is far too simple. I want them tortured, I want them to feel ever scar every burn every shot they inflicted on the millions of Iraqis.

Iraqis differ in opinion. Some say he should be freed, some say he should be executed, and others share my same thoughts. Lets see what happens. As far as work is concerned well it had picked up pace big time. I barely have time to wash my hair. Even Fridays, where its supposed to be our day off, we spend atleast 8 hours in the office. I swear its funny, the other I was walking back to my room late at night, and i got the giggles, cuz it felt like a camp.All we do is go to work, then back to our rooms and ofcourse have our food in the nasty Dfac. You dont feel its Ramadhan around here at all. Its just like any other day. I miss home at these times, I miss my family and and the gatherings we would have at my parents place. Just yesterday, I spoke to my dad and my eyes watered. I miss them ever so much.

Life is ok here, but at times I dont get enough affection from HUBBY. He is just too busy with work and sometimes he forgets that as a woman I need some love and tenderness. I guess its called the Ignored Wife Syndrome. I mentioned that to him yesterday and he got pissed off at me. One thing he lacks is listening, he gets offensive so fast that I guess i should bottle things up which aint my nature. Sometimes he listens and understands other times he gives me the silent treatment and thats the worst part cuz Im alone here, I have no one to talk to and its not in my nature to go to strangers and babble everything. I know its not a normal environment that we live in, I sure do hope that one day once we get to settle down somewhere he will be different, although I doubt that very much but there's no harm in hoping is there.

I better go now cuz HUBBY is waiting for me in the other room, Im exhausted and I cant wait to hit the bed. The weather has become quite chilly all of a sudden and right now I can feel my toes frozen,lol. Thats it for me now, its yet another day and another night right here in the breeze, the Baghdad Breeze.....
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