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neurotic Iraqi wife

September 22, 2005

Seven Years.....

Its been a few days since we've returned from R&R and I actually have mixed feelings. It was really great coming back seeing all the good people around, but depressing cuz its back to improsnment....Thank God though the WOB aint here yet so its been nice and relaxing, with no tension around the place. As for being back here again, I dunno, work has been quite slow, for me that is. I feel they are side lining me for some odd reason. My contract will be over in around end of November and no one is telling us anything. HUBBY's contract will be over too but I assume they will be renewing his since his project aint over yet. I will have to probe and pry inorder to know whats going on.

R&R was amazing, we went to Hongkong and Japan. I absolutely loved it. It was such a nice time especially after spending almost 3 months confined in this place. I recommend these 2 places to everyone, each of them have a flavour of their own. We really had a good time there, and you know what I went absolutely crazy with SHOPPING!!!!! LMAO. I never thought I would be starving for clothes since everything I had brought with me was ruined, so am sure you can imagine the look on my face when I would see a shopping mall or a shopping street. At one point, HUBBY began to murmur something about me telling him that I hae shopping when we first got married, but ummm being in Iraq just makes you wanna do things you never thought you would like.

Hongkong was fun. It had this market called the ladies market, it reminds me of portobello road in London with one huge exception, it doesnt sell antique stuff. You have stalls going over three roads, packed with home stuff, shoes and clothing. They even have these catalogues where they show you designer hand bags (fake ofcourse), once you choose the model, they whick you away into an apartment filled with hundreds of designer bags. I just stood there in the middle of the room thinking to myself OMG where do I start. Needless to say I didnt get any bag since I myself hate logo designer bags written all over them, I was thinking they would make great presents but UMM being in the GZ, devoid of any fashion magazines, I had no clue what was the latest style. So I just shook my head and left, aaaaaahhh. But one thing I made sure to buy were shoeeeeeeeeees, Yaaaaaaaaaay. Every colour I found I bought. As for pants I finally managed to find the 2 countries that would definitely have my size,lol.

The architecture in Hongkong was out of this world. High rise buildings packed so close, it really made a beautiful picture. Japan, Tokyo in particular is fun too, though we felt like 2 deaf people in a wedding (an Iraqi expression). Not many spoke English and we just felt like aliens. The most thing I loved are their toilets. We heard so much about the High tech toilets there, so the minute we entered our hotel room we took a peek in the bathroom, and wowwwww, what can I say their bathroom was just awesome. We stayed at the Park Hyatt, were "Lost in Translation" was filmed. Their rooms were exquisite. But the toilets now those are something I would love to have. Once you enter the toilet room, the toilet cover opens up automatically. As you sit on the seat, its nice and warm, you do your do, then there are switches where you press a button and it acts like a bidet, sprays you and cleans you up!!!!There's a button for men and one for women, aint that cool. After the spray, you press the one for drying up and you get hot air blowing you, drying you up, Imean aint this amazing technology for you!!!!HUBBY and I would fight for the bathroom all the time,lol.

Oh well, nice memories, now we are here and its back to the same old thing. Thank God I managed to see my parents for a few days as well which was great, I really was missing them loads. HUBBY on the other had got on my nerves at times cuz he just wanted to be left alone in the hotel and would tell me to go and see parents alone. I felt kinda disappointed cuz my parents really like him, anyways, I dont wanna dwell on it.

So Im back here in the GZ, nothing really special happening. Im just worried that work might not renew my contract and it will be just like before, HUBBY being here and me there and the same old depression coming back to me. Lets just wait and see what would happen. I have a feeling(a teeny weeny one) that HUBBY doesnt want me with him anymore. Hmm, I wander why, LOL.

Its funny cuz the other day he started asking about the WOB, and told me that I aint fun no more cuz Im not upset with him. Men, I cant really read your minds. Apart from HUBBY, Ive been getting really funny(weird) emails from men asking me to chat with them and be their friends cuz they feel that I need a loving person???!!!!Umm, one even sent me a picture and told me that he can show me a good time,LOL.....Well, I'm happily married, I know I dont seem happy most of the time, but I really am kind off. Its just the place and the circumstances that make me stressed all the time. In an ordinary life, ordinary place Im sure I will be a happy BUNNY.

As for my hair, I finally dyed it, yaaaaaaaaaay. Finally managed to make it look decent, although one mistake I did, went to an unknown hairdresser and asked him for a trim, he got his scissors out, and needless to say, cut my hair in the most horrible style ever!!!Oh well, a never ending story.

BTW, a question, as I entered my room here, I went into the bathroom and there it was scattered pieces of my mirror. First thing that came in my mind was "Oh NOOOOO, not seven years of bad luck!!!" So whats the deal, will I get seven years of bad luck???I didnt break it mind you, it was broken when I got there.....Just curious to know....

I better go back to work, and nag my boss to give me more work or else I will go crazy....So is it gonna be seven years of hell, seven years of luck, or just Seven Years....
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